Friday, October 11, 2013

The Case For NAHJ Leaving UNITY

It's not an easy decision.
It's emotional.
In the end, the NAHJ national board must make decisions that are in the best interest of our association, members and mission.

When you take the emotion out of the equation.
When you study the last 12 months, two years (including reasons why NABJ left UNITY).
When you stop pointing to national conferences (when NABJ was still part of UNITY).
All you're left with are empty promises, lack of vision, inability to evolve, indecisiveness, poor financial practices and a structure that will only setback NAHJ.

On behalf of the NAHJ representatives on the UNITY Journalists For Diversity board and NAHJ executive director Anna Lopez Buck, I began a conversation with NAHJ members about our association taking a new course at the Excellence In Journalism national conference this summer

Here is the case for NAHJ leaving UNITY:

Here are articles written about the subject:
-NAHJ leaders cite Unity’s ‘financial disorganization,’ ask board to vote to leave

-Coalition for Diversity in Journalism May Lose Hispanic Members

-UNITY At A Crossroads

All NAHJ members are welcomed to a virtual town hall meeting on Wednesday, October 16 where the 4 NAHJ representatives and our executive director will answer any questions you have. You should have received an email with the telephone number and time of the meeting. The meeting will be recorded and provided to all via the NAHJ website.

Lastly, I ask that all NAHJ members inform themselves. I've spoken to many of you who have strong opinions about remaining part of UNITY, but it's based on an idea of UNITY that truthfully no longer exists. And not just recently, but certainly after NABJ left. One cannot argue - "just go back and reach an agreement". The NAHJ representatives have tried that for a year now to no end. NABJ before us tried the same. We (NAHJ reps) have work to do for the good of our association. We cannot waste what time we have (because we are all volunteers) on an organization that has lost its way.

NAHJ will continue to work with UNITY once we leave, but it will be from a position to negotiate what we feel is in line with our association's mission and best interest. If and when UNITY does change the existing structure (governance, finance, mission); NAHJ will welcome a proposal to formally return.



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