Wednesday, September 25, 2013

NAHJ is outraged by Fox News Segment with Chris

Fox anchor, Chris Wallace summarized a recent survey by Los Angeles County estimating that undocumented parents would receive $650 million in government assistance this year. The report aired on Fox News’ “Special Report,” on September 19th according to Media Matters.
Instances like these are always disappointing.

There were many things wrong with this segment, beginning with the use of the derogatory term “illegal immigrant” and undocumented in the same breath as if these terms are interchangeable – of course they’re not.

Here's a full statement I authored on behalf of NAHJ:

NAHJ joins NHMC in demanding that Fox News Channel apologize for its insensitive categorization of American children of undocumented parents as "Children of the Corn". And furthermore that it issue a memo to all staff urging them to refrain from anti-immigrant rhetoric.

Latino Journalists' Group Blasts Fox News Over Undocumented Immigrant Smear
Other articles once NAHJ filed a statement: 

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