Tuesday, May 14, 2013

When Journalists Can’t Do Their Job, Democracy Is at Risk

This week the Associated Press (AP) revealed that the Justice Department secretly obtained telephone records of their reporters and editors.

This apparent intrusion of the First Amendment puts into question the government's use of authority under the guise of protecting the integrity of an investigation.

It’s not enough for the government to say it acted in the best interest of the public when the public’s interests were violated by its actions.

Here's a link to an OpEd I wrote for FOX News Latino: http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/opinion/2013/05/14/hugo-balta-when-journalists-cant-do-their-job-democracy-is-at-risk/#ixzz2TIfGGbEP

NAHJ questions the motives by the Justice :

(Haz Click Aqui Para Español):

Mi entrevista con CNN En Español como president de la @NAHJ

Monitoring Journalists: A threat to democracy: http://www.voxxi.com/monitoring-journalists-threat-to-democracy/

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