Monday, June 11, 2012

Balta NAHJ Campaign Talking Points

Thank you once again, for all the support during the nomination process.

Now that the campaigning is about to begin, my pledge is to focus on the issues most important to you. l commit to outlining a shared positive vision for NAHJ because it's not just about the ideas of one person or a small group of people, it's about all of us - We, the members of the National Association Of Hispanic Journalists.

Some of the topics I would like to talk with you about in the coming weeks are:


What is NAHJ's financial situation? Is it in the black by $100k+ or not? What is the $70k dispute with Disney and how does it affect NAHJ's reputation? Why hasn't the financial report been released yet? Per NAHJ's bylaws, they must be made public. If I'm elected President, I'll make sure our organization's financials are released on a timely manner.

Achieving profitability by making cuts is a short term, band-aid solution to a long term problem. While we must continue to make conservative decisions on spending, it should not be at the cost of core services to members and sponsors.

We need to grow again and create new revenue streams from a position of strength. For example, companies are hiring recruiting agencies to help them find qualified Latino candidates. They should be working with NAHJ to help them with their recruiting efforts.

As an experienced manager, I promise to help find effective solutions that will restore NAHJ's financial footing, credibility and visibility in the media industry.


We need to return to the fundamentals of NAHJ.  We need to stand up for and champion in favor of Latino journalists in the workplace.

Hispanics are the largest minority in the country, but they're not represented in the newsrooms. Let's get our parity efforts back on track. Let's improve networking and help members get jobs, access to mentors and training, and not just at the convention, but year round.

We need a functioning website where members can interact with NAHJ's leadership, staff and one another - sharing ideas, concerns, job opportunities and to showcase their work.


NAHJ leadership needs to be clear and inclusive in the decision-making by allowing members to voice their opinions and participate in the process.

Members should be welcomed to join board meetings and the “minutes” that reflect the board's business should be available on the NAHJ website.

We need an open door policy for members to feel their voices are heard and respected.  We win or lose together. Unidos hacemos la fuerza.

Student members currently represent the majority of NAHJ's membership. They are the future of NAHJ. We need to develop year round mentoring programs that partner students and entry level members with experienced veterans.

Massive journalism cutbacks have ousted many or our dedicated members, some lifetime members from the industry. They may now be working in the public relations or communications field, but they're still journalists at heart. Let's welcome them back home and get them a seat at the table. This isn't the time to segregate, but unify NAHJ. Their experience will help the association cover new relevant ground and with it, new members.

Aquí también se habla el Español. La Associacion de Periodistas Hispanos no es solamente para los latinos en los medios de inglés.

Tenemos que ofrecer mas servicios, oportunidades de empleo y mas apoyo a los miembros que trabajan en medios en español.

It's not just about my ideas. I challenge you to share with me what you think needs to be done to help NAHJ succeed. I promise to give our members a voice as we rebuild NAHJ.

Together we will restore leadership, trust and pride.

I'm asking for your help and your vote to become NAHJ’s next president.